Governance Online Meetings can take on many different forms, but the key to the success of a governance meeting is that the participants can communicate with one another in the same way as would if they were sitting in person. This means sharing screens using video and voice calling, and allowing immediate answers and questions. This is also a way to ensure that any person can be asked to leave the meeting at any time when their presence is disruptive or inappropriate, and they will receive an immediate email containing an explanation of the decision taken.

The chairman, or the presiding officer of the meeting, should keep the meeting on the look what i found right track. Governance meetings should be organized with an agenda that is strict and have time limits for each item. This will ensure that statutory governance meeting standards are adhered to and if the meeting is reviewed by an external party then it’s likely they’ll look for evidence of these standards.

In an ideal world, meetings on governance would take place every week. However, this is not always feasible for all teams. It is recommended to schedule the initial couple of meetings close to each other (especially when you’re just starting out with Roles) However, you should plan to hold meetings less frequently as your team gets used to working in Roles.

It is also beneficial to schedule short check-in calls between meetings of governance to keep the team on track and give those who have questions or concerns to have their concerns addressed. It’s also a great way to strengthen relationships between the leadership team at the top.