Preliminary Inspection and analysis of the case:

Should conduct a thorough inspection of the roof before making any judgment on causes, solutions or budget. To have more discretion, consider performing this inspection, from the inside too, is, coming through the ceiling, taking the necessary care (where to step, flashlight, etc..).
Materials, parts and supplies
• Pasta or leaking cover strip (with and without oil).
Tools required:
• ladder high enough.
• Container or long hose.
• Flashlight.
• Scissors
1) The ideal is to locate the leak on a rainy day, but if you can not try to mimic the conditions of a rain pouring enough water through which the client has detected the leak.
2) Then proceed to look good from the underside of the roof directing the flashlight towards it. If the hole that caused the leak is in that place we can see raindrops shine with light and enough to move on and go back to the same source. There will have to be careful when we believe we have located the source of the leak, because a leaky exhaust on a site can be caused several meters above.
3) Once or located the leaks, climb to the roof, will dry as much as possible the area to be treated.
4) If we use top-leaks paste, the paste will spread generously leak evenly, taking care to leave no peaks or excess grout, and unless we do this over time this will become a point of oxidation as create water retention.
5) If we use top-ribbon also leaks generously cut off a portion of the tape, but before sticking it on the leak try to round the ends of the tape so that any material sliding down the roof does not get stuck in the tip of the tape and we’ve hit a point of oxidation.
6) Try to make repairs in one day being clear or not calculate this by falling rain, for sticking ribbon pasta and more efficiently.
Final Inspection:
• Make sure you have cleaned all traces of adhesive cap-leaks, after giving a reasonable time (according to specifications of the adhesive), check for leaks.
• Check that the work area is clean and free of debris for the Roofers.