Molds On Roof

Mold is what creates those dirty roof stains to appear; once your roof has mold spores planted on it, you can virtually watch the mold spread. This home-damaging process typically starts with a few black streaks, often under the limbs of a tree, and then over a short period of time the mold spreads across your entire roof. This mold damages your roof shingles by pulling up the reflecting stones, thus reducing your roof life; if you have a tile roof, the mold eats away the glaze finish of the tiles. Leaving mold on your roof will significantly reduce it’s life, increase your home cooling costs, increase your chances of tracking mold into your home, and if you have a pool the mold contaminates it with each rain drop splashing off your roof into it.

Pressure washing has been done on some roofs by others, but that annual method of cleaning only shaves off the visible surface of the mold, leaving it’s roots. Even worse, the high pressure spray dislodges many of the reflective granular stones on the shingles, which results in the roof’s loss of effectiveness in reflecting heat; if your roof has tiles, pressure washing removes the factory glaze off of them, leaving a look of pitted clay. In contrast, our soft-cleaning method uses a non-pressure gentle rinse that removes not just the visible stains but also the mold’s damaging roots. Our special chemical mixture achieves results that last for five years, and often longer. And we always take great care to protect your ground foliage, decorations, and any equipment such as air conditioning units and pool pumps.

Dirty roofs cause higher electrical bills, exemplified by comparing a white car and black car in the heat of the summer. Which car will feel cooler inside? It’s the same with your roof. Having black mold on your roof raises your energy costs by up to 10%. Having your roof professionally cleaned provides an instant payback, with savings in your pocket each month.…


At Home Roof Cleaning we take great pride in cleaning your roof with the utmost care, adding beauty and value to your home. Here are a few items to keep in mind during and after our cleaning procedure. We ask that you follow these instructions to ensure that your home’s roof cleaning is done without any foreseeable problems.

a. We ask for anyone at the home during the time of cleaning to remain indoors or to leave altogether before we start; this is to prevent them from coming into contact with drips from the roof or any chemical over spray, which can possibly stain clothes and/or cause a stinging sensation on bare skin. Children must remain indoors during the cleaning. If you must step outside, please give us notice and be very careful of the drip line from the roof.

b. To protect your outdoor air conditioning equipment we will be covering it with a tarp, which means at the equipment we will be turning off the power; if it is expected to be a hot day, we suggest that prior to our arrival you lower the setting on your thermostat in anticipation of your air conditioning being turned off.

c. Keep all pets indoors during the cleaning process so that they don’t feel any stinging sensations and/or track any chemicals inside the home; they can go out after the cleaning but if they are small enough to pick up and carry, please do so. If they have to walk on driveway, sidewalk or other areas that have been cleaned, just rinse off their paws with water when they go back inside.

d. If you are staying home during the cleaning process, please leave your car inside the garage with the door down. If you must leave during the cleaning process, please do not walk outside nor drive your car out of the garage without giving us notice; and when you return, please park your car on the street as far away as possible so as to not track any chemical into your garage from your car tires nor get any over spray or accidental splashing on your car’s finish. When you return, please allow us to give you an all clear signal before approaching the home.

e. If after the cleaning you walk on the cleaned surfaces, make sure to take off your shoes and rinse them prior to going into the home. If you had your driveway cleaned, please do not allow any vehicle onto your driveway for at least 4 hours after the cleaning is finished.

f. If there is rain in the immediate forecast or it is raining after we finish the cleaning you will need to keep any vehicle not already in your garage outside of the garage and on the street for at least a day. The dirt along with chemicals will be rinsed off the roof during the rain and you don’t want your car coming into contact with the drips coming off the roof. The rain will also provide a rinse for the driveway, sidewalk, patio and decking areas. If the rain is light then you definitely should step outside after the rain and rinse off your plants.

PLEASE BE AWARE: At the conclusion of your roof cleaning, dead algae will remain on your roof until a good rain washes it off. The evidence of the dead algae is the remaining appearance of dingy looking orange streaks on your roof. This is common and is nothing to be concerned about. The next good rain will completely rinse your roof and it will look amazingly clean.…

Leaky Roof Repair

Preliminary Inspection and analysis of the case:

Should conduct a thorough inspection of the roof before making any judgment on causes, solutions or budget. To have more discretion, consider performing this inspection, from the inside too, is, coming through the ceiling, taking the necessary care (where to step, flashlight, etc..).
Materials, parts and supplies
• Pasta or leaking cover strip (with and without oil).
Tools required:
• ladder high enough.
• Container or long hose.
• Flashlight.
• Scissors
1) The ideal is to locate the leak on a rainy day, but if you can not try to mimic the conditions of a rain pouring enough water through which the client has detected the leak.
2) Then proceed to look good from the underside of the roof directing the flashlight towards it. If the hole that caused the leak is in that place we can see raindrops shine with light and enough to move on and go back to the same source. There will have to be careful when we believe we have located the source of the leak, because a leaky exhaust on a site can be caused several meters above.
3) Once or located the leaks, climb to the roof, will dry as much as possible the area to be treated.
4) If we use top-leaks paste, the paste will spread generously leak evenly, taking care to leave no peaks or excess grout, and unless we do this over time this will become a point of oxidation as create water retention.
5) If we use top-ribbon also leaks generously cut off a portion of the tape, but before sticking it on the leak try to round the ends of the tape so that any material sliding down the roof does not get stuck in the tip of the tape and we’ve hit a point of oxidation.
6) Try to make repairs in one day being clear or not calculate this by falling rain, for sticking ribbon pasta and more efficiently.
Final Inspection:
• Make sure you have cleaned all traces of adhesive cap-leaks, after giving a reasonable time (according to specifications of the adhesive), check for leaks.
• Check that the work area is clean and free of debris for the Roofers.…

Do it Yourself Home Improvement Project

To remove paint and varnish from woodwork, you’ll need a semi-paste and liquid stripper. Before moving on to this step in your refinishing project, here are a few things to keep in mind: Work in small sections, let the compound do the work and make sure all the paint is removed.

Strippers are messy and potentially harmful. Lay a drop cloth down to avoid spillage, and open windows for ventilation. For safety precautions, wear long sleeves, gloves and protective eyewear. The optimal room temperature should be between 60 to 70 degrees.

For stripping pieces in place (not disassembled):
Begin with the semi-paste stripper to remove 95 percent of the paint. Using an old paintbrush, start from the top and move down. Concentrate on one section at a time to gain confidence and keep you from becoming overwhelmed by the breadth of the project. Brush the stripper on in one direction.
Depending on the quality of stripper and layers of paint on the wood, it generally takes strippers between 5 and 20 minutes to work. Give the stripper enough penetration time – it may take a few applications to remove all the paint. Paint tends to build up in cracks and corners. Allow more time for the stripper to work in these areas. Use a knife blade to work the stripper into these tough spots.
Use a carver’s chisel.

Once the paint has blistered, begin scraping it.  Scraping instruments can vary from a butter knife for window sashes to a wood chisel for corners. To minimize messiness, try scraping from the direction of the stripped area into the unstripped area. Keep a cardboard box handy to collect residue.

Once about 95 percent of the paint is removed, it’s time for the liquid stripper.  Begin by using another old paintbrush, and coat the entire area with the liquid to keep it moist. Let it sit a few minutes (as directed).
Pick up your brass bristle brush.  This brush won’t harm the surface of the wood. It also speeds up the process immensely.  As you work, keep the surface and the bristles wet with the stripper. Brush in rapid strokes with the grain of the wood.
To dispose of the last of the old paint, apply another wash of solvent. Use a squeegee to speed up the final process.

Dry the section with a paper towel.
If paint still remains, repeat the last two steps until all the paint is removed.
Strip trim pieces in gutter.

For trim pieces:
Set up two lengths of low-back, galvanized gutter (which you can find at a sheet metal shop). Make sure the end caps are soldered on so that they do not leak. Put the trim pieces in the gutters, and pour some non-flammable liquid stripper into each. After watching the stripper eat through the paint, lift the piece up, and use your scraper to remove the paint. Submerge the piece again in the gutter. Use the brass bristle brush to remove remaining paint. Squeegee and dry off.…

Epoxy Usage


Epoxy is also known from the name polyepoxide this also is actually created from the reaction from a polyamine hardener plus an epoxide resin. This is the thermosetting polymer that can be used for just a wide selection of purposes ranging from fiber-reinforced plastic materials to general adhesives. Epoxy coatings are of numerous types and it’s also better to finish the same job from professional epoxy coating systems.

Epoxy coating systems can be used for your floor which will help to increase the durability and strength on the material. Such things happen because the resin coating acts as a barrier involving the floor material and also the cleaning chemicals, shocks, abrasions and scratches. An epoxy coating is especially suited to all those regions of your own home which is subject to plenty of mechanical and chemical friction much like your garage the spot where you not simply park your vehicles but additionally store heavy equipments and unwanted pieces of furniture.

The epoxy concrete floor paint is a wonderful way by which it is possible to protect the floors of your home; this can be easy to clean and maintain and increases the durability too. Again there are numerous types of epoxy floor coatings; first will be the industrial epoxy coating systems which have been typically utilised in factories, workshops and auto garages. They are thick in consistency and also have a shiny finish; there is no such thing as a added solvent in this particular coating but the floor can often get slippery when wet.

The second type will be the rough coat concrete floor paint a thin, tan colored coating with added solvent. The best part relating to this coating method is who’s comes with an anti-grip formula which is useful when you’ve got small children in your house. The lake bond epoxy coating systems have become thin solutions which can be found in most houses because it is easy to use and also functional. Although the disadvantage of brussels is being thin; it wouldn’t be utilized to cover any cracks or warning signs of tear on the ground. You can use this coating as a primer along with a topcoat for your own floors.…

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom transforming is also a homeowner’s imaginative and prescient or nightmare, depending on the amount of escapade possesses. Plenty of issues are nicely thought-out within the bathroom reworking procedure.

One of the major areas to think about is whether or not the entire bathroom desires to be stripped out and totally changed or if merely components of it require to be altered. Whether it is broad enough to want a complete remodel, benefit from the prospect to replace trimmings and furniture.

Bathroom reworking is typically an surprising occasion as a consequence of damage from a water drip or quite a lot of different sort of damage. Except you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, along with inside decorator, you will require the help of a skilled professional to finish the work.

The bath is the principle thought in bathroom remodeling. In case your bathroom is sufficiently big, you might wish to take into account a calming whirlpool tub. Every bathroom wants abundance of storage space meant for towels and other supplies.

It’s simple to return across suggestions online. Don’t hire just anyone off the road to do the job. Affirm they’re licensed to do the work and that they’re in excellent standing with the licensing bureau. Make sure to get each detail in writing previous to signing any settlement on your bathroom remodeling.

Have you ever lately made the choice to have your bathroom reworked? Better yet, have you made the choice to do it your self? Though many owners want to have their bathrooms transformed by knowledgeable, there are others who’re more than pleased to remodel their very own bathrooms. Along with having complete management over your next bathroom reworking mission, you might also be capable to save yourself a fairly large sum of money by doing your individual

remodeling. Though there are a number of benefits to doing your own reworking, there are additionally various disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is the difficulty.

With bathroom remodeling, it is vital that you preserve one thing in mind. Many of us have totally different understandings, on the subject of the meaning of remodeling. There are lots of individuals who assume that you will need to change around a complete bathroom for it to actually be called a remodeling project. Sure, transforming tasks are sometimes associated with big adjustments, but small tasks can also be thought of transforming projects. In all actually, the size of the project really don’t matter as a result of, when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, all you actually need is one exhausting process for it to change into a problem.…